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Explore mountains, fjords & Northern Lights

Join a half, full or multi-day hike for majestic views of fjords and mountains - and for the chance of experiencing the Northern Lights. Enjoy meals around the bonfire and take in the nature that surrounds you.

As there is no guarantee of seeing Northern Lights, we'll focus the trip on enjoying nature regardless of whether the lights appear or not. The ever-changing Arctic light and landscape is beautiful in itself!

Get in touch to begin arranging your trip.


The plan
Meet-up in Tromsø and head out to where we'll go on a hike chosen for the season and conditions. 
While hiking, we'll take our time to discover and learn about the area and environment, pick some edible plants, read the landscape, learn about the area's history, take pictures and absorb the surroundings. We’ll make a bonfire and cook a local dish, possibly including some ingredients we’ll forage or fish ourselves, before heading back.

On an overnight trip, you'll really get to experience the raw luxury of the Northern wild. Get some real distance between yourself and civilization, be in the quietness of the outdoors and sleep under open skies with Northern Lights above.




All year, from midnight sun to polar night

The activity requires no special skills, but a general level of fitness allowing you to be in moderate activity in uneven terrain for a few hours. Suitable for children.

You need to bring

Hiking boots
Warm, wind and water proof clothing 
Camera and personal items

Necessary gear like snowshoes or headlamps will be provided.

For overnight trips a packing list will be sent

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