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Join a local beach clean-up with Zing Ocean Conservancy

Make your visit to Tromsø both enjoyable and purposeful by joining a local clean-up. Support local efforts, learn about plastic pollution in the Arctic and do your part to clean it up - all while experiencing nature.

Beach clean-ups are done in collaboration with Zing Ocean Conservancy.

Get in touch to find out when you can join a clean-up.


The plan
We'll depart Tromsø together, sometimes by car and other times by boat, depending on the clean-up, and head to a location identified by Zing Ocean Conservancy and Tromsø municipality as needing cleaning. They are often among the most remote and beautiful.

We’ll bring gloves and bags and spend a couple of hours collecting plastic that's washed up on land. We're likely to find anything from small bottles to huge fishing nets. We'll help Zing in their research by logging what we find and taking a closer look at some of the plastic, trying to identify its origin and better understand how we can stop it from ending up in the ocean.

All the plastic will be delivered to Zing for weighing, registration and safe disposal.

We'll wrap up the cleanup with a light meal before heading back to Tromsø.





All year, from midnight sun to polar night

The activity requires no special skills, but a general level of fitness allowing you to be in moderate activity in uneven terrain for a few hours. Suitable for children.

Please bring
Hiking boots or, preferably, rain boots
Warm, wind and water proof clothing 
Camera and personal items

Necessary gear like gloves and bags will be provided

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