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Nature guiding that focuses on classic Nordic outdoor life and slow adventures. Contact to learn more and start planning.

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The coldest wind, yummiest soup, darkest clouds, warm hosts and a bunch of friends summed up to a perfect night. Adventure of a lifetime. Thanks for this amazing experience. 

Shruti Rambhia


I received more than just a guide up a mountain. No doubt the hike itself was breathtaking and thoroughly invigorating, but it was made memorable with the company I had. Marika is warm, genuine, thoughtful and honestly, it’s like meeting a kindred soul on the other side of the world. Thank you for sharing a slice of your world with me.

Lynn Tan




Do you work all day, every day, in an office? Evere felt the need to slow down, reconnect with your surroundings and just run away for a little while? As a guide, my goal with Skadi is to give you that break in spectacular nature, even if it's just for a few hours.

Named after the Nordic goddess of the wilderness, Skadi trips focus on slow adventure, supporting local sustainability projects and (in the spirit of Skadi herself) getting more women to rock the outdoors. 

This is Marika 

When I'm not doing my day job I take trips to the Northern Norwegian wilderness, in all seasons, from midnight sun to polar night, from a few hours to several days, alone or with a group.


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